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Windows Completed

First project completed!!! Although they weren’t part of the original plan, the driveway-side windows are all installed and now a thing of the past. Enjoy the picture time-line.

  Originally, the plan was to cover the window in the kitchen and bring in more light by installing a French door at the back entry. After discovering the great prices of Pella-brand argon double-pane windows ($120.00 for a 3×5 window) from Lowes, we immediately made room in our budget for these windows. My savings scheming also helped.

I first started by removing all of the existing windows I planned to replace. I did have mixed feelings because the original double hung windows were in such remarkable shape and I knew with a little bit of cleaning, sanding, wax and paint, these windows would last another 50 + years.

After I removed the windows carefully (I saved everything and will find a use for them somewhere down the road), I then cut out the exterior stucco to make room for the new and larger windows. The two windows in the living room went from 3×4 to 3×5. The window in the breakfast nook went from 40″x48″ to a whopping 5’x7′.

Next step was to frame up a new opening for the windows, including a new header for each window.

After, self adhering flashing was laid onto the exterior side of the frame to prevent water leakage. Then a bead of silicone was applied just before the windows were screwed to the frame.

After the windows were screwed to the frame I ran another strip of the self-adhering flashing over the vinyl frame just to provide a final water-tight seal. The final touch of the exterior work was to apply plywood and brick mold trim around the new windows for stucco….once it happens somewhere way, way down the road.


Finally, the final (it really feels good to use the word final, even though its all so far from finality) touches to the window were on the inside. I trimmed up the interior frames for sheetrock (which goes up soon).

Huge sigh. Now to divert my attention to the other million things to do before the wedding….which is now exactly one month away.


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Idea board…for livingroom

No new progress pics to post…so I thought I would share an idea board in progress. These will probably evolve, but here some info in some of these items.

The chiasso.com mirror is listed at 388, but every so often they have a 20% off sale. Which brings it down to 300! The copper glass mosaic tile are from Lowes. Here’s the really great news…they are only 7.99 a sheet!!! Wow! I found the vintage chair with a “free” sign on it last week. I have almost 20 vintage cameras and probably over 2000 LPs. We were thinking of having a chair-and-a-half in lieu of a sofa and maybe a leather club chair which I’ve always loved. Probably not in red though…well, this is still evolving. Hope you like!

Livingroom Idea Board... In progress


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—>Savings here<—

Hey everyone,
Since I forgot to upload pictures again, I felt compelled to share a little savings secret with you. Last night, I was able to save $100.00 dollars on an $800.00 purchase at Home Depot and its really simple!

Step 1 – Goto http://www.homedepotmoving.com/. On the lower left hand corner, slick the “Join Now” button. You will fill out a small form and within 10-30 minutes, you will be emailed a 10% discount coupon! You can only fill it out once every 6 months. However, if you are creative enough, you will realize it is per email. I’ve shopped at Home Depot enough to know that you can get 10% discounts all day long, you just have to know how to convince the cashier to give it to you. However this is a great way to get it if you don’t feel like asking for it. FYI – Cashiers are allowed to give upto 10% discounts without manager approval so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

If you prefer to shop at Lowes, then you can goto http://www.LowesMoving.com You just wont be able to get the additional 3% discount I explain in step two! This normally takes upto 3 days to get the email with the link to the 10% coupon from Lowes.

Step 2 – Home Depot Pro Rewards Number. During checkout, you have the option to enter your Pro Rewards phone number. If you have spent over 50k the previous year, then you can save upto 3%. Lucky for you, I have. So you can use my #. Enter 408-578-9519 as the Pro Rewards Number, then when they ask for a PO, enter “Spanish Charmer”, that way I know it was a referral from this post.

That’s it!!!! Hope this helps and saves…


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