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My lucky day!!!

Just a short post ago, things were dire and I was close to the edge. But just as soon as I was down, now I’m on top of the world ma! Things are looking up thanks to two great finds yesterday, just sitting on the side of the road with a “free” sign on them. The first find is a really cool 50s or 60s stationary rocking chair. You think its just a chair, but then you sit down and realize it rocks too!!! I am super excited to restore this once the house stuff is completed. Tons of potential! Check it out…

This second find is just as equally as impressive. A bucket full of vintage white porcelain pull knobs. There’s got to be over 200 here. The stems and screws are brass and even have a patina to them….awesome!!! Now I have a renewed energy and back to hitting it hard tonight…booya!!!


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Best deal around…

Its a fact, The Spanish Charmer is the nations only hands-on home improvement workshop that provides beer and all of the lemons you can fit in your pants. Workshops run all weekend, so hurry and sign up. Spaces are filling up fast – BTW, this is sort of my April Fools…but Im dead serious about the free beer and lemons.


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Shopping Part 1.

Demolition is either 80% or 100% done. So now its time to go shopping! The walls separating the living room, kitchen, laundry room and breakfast nook have all been removed and now we have a nice open floor plan.

Walls knocked down...

Our plans for this weekend include three new low E, Argon windows across the south part of the house, and a nice 8 foot wide French door in lieu of a small window and door.

Back to it,
-Dana & Jerry


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Kitchen Inspiration

So with the  kitchen makeover in process, we are now trying to figure out how the final product will look like. Here’s some of our inspiration….

Looks like we got our work cut out for us…

-Dana & Jerry


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Project Tab added

We have added a project tab to the menus…Click PROJECTS above, or follow this link


-Jerry & Dana

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For those that know me well, you know I have a love-hate relationship with cats. I just really never understood the value they bring to the table. For Pete’s sake, they are synonymous with the term, “finicky”. Humans have managed to train parrots to talk, elephants to bow, dolphins to molest you at water parks, but good luck asking a cat to put on a collar and walk with you down the street for some fresh air!!!

So as my luck goes, there are so many darn cats in my new neighborhood, that an entire non-profit needed to be established! They are called Thirteenth Street Cats, 13stcats.org. I did some quick math using the numbers they have supplied on their website and for the last 3 years, not counting 2011 so far, they have spayed/neutered over 1121 cats in this neighborhood. WHAT THE??? Is that even possible??? I have already had a surprise encounter with a cat in our detached garage that jumped out of a cabinet and shot past my leg in the dark, so I know they are out there…waiting….talking about me in their cat language. Plus, these felines are street-savvy, nothing like the smooth talking Morris!!!

So I just thought that I would bring this to everyone’s attention. And for those that know me well, enjoy the laugh at my expense. And for those that think I’m cat-bashing, all I have to say is my best friend is a cat. (pictured below)

Jerry *purrr*

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Our Plans for Saturday

To our friends and family coming out this Saturday, here’s what we have planned. All skill levels welcome!

Easy skill projects

  • Dig up plants and plant them in temporary containers to re-plant at a later time. There are tons of really great plants we want to keep, there are just too many in some condensed areas. After we paint and reconfigure the plant beds, we want to plant these back.
  • Centralize bricks and stones – The previous homeowner, who lived here for 70+ years had accumulated bricks everywhere. I would like to get them to the backyard and use them for a brick paver area in the back.
  • Strip & Paint windows- All of the wooden windows have peeling paint. I want to strip them back down to wood and fill in cracks, then prime them for paint later.
  • Cut down several small trees
  • Remove old wires and antennas on house

Medium Skill Projects

  • Remove kitchen cabinets – I want to salvage the vintage kitchen cabinets and restore them later so that someone can enjoy them later down the road. This requires some skill because I do not want to destroy them when removing them from the wall.
  • Remove base boards and picture rails from wall
  • Remove existing light fixtures – I have 3 vintage light fixtures that I want to salvage.
  • Remove partition in garage

Highly skilled Projects

  • Remove entire wall between kitchen and living room – A new wall with a large arched transition will be constructed after.
  • Remove entire wall between kitchen and breakfast nook and laundry area – This will add an additional 5 feet of  kitchen space across the  entire kitchen
  • Demo kitchen wall where sink is – A new sink, copper supply lines and pvc drain will  be installed in lieu of outdated materials

This should keep us plenty busy for the next few weekends…

Love, Peace & Elbow Grease,
-Dana & Jerry

Street View


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