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Safety First.

Today’s blog was written by Dana. Well, not directly…  Over the weekend, while on another of our marathon nights of renovations, it happened. A 5-pound mallet was left on a 6-foot ladder, and that’s just bad math. Painful story made short, Dana moved the ladder and like that, Dana grew a full half inch (thanks to a swollen skull). I didn’t witness it, but according to Dana’s re-telling, I was able to provide a re-creation for you. It goes something like this:

this is how things went down...literally

Tuesday’s diagnosis (thanks to our friendly Kaiser physician) was a concussed Dana. However this story has a happy ending. Dana is fine, and I got a safety blog out of it! All kidding aside, stay safe out there. Stay alert & stay protected. The house is already gonna give you plenty of problems without you adding to it. Here’s how I do it!!!

Stayin Alert with coffee. Stayin protected with hardhat and eyewear. Black socks & sexy smirk optional.

Stayin safe,



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