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Fiberglass & Frolicking

After the past Easter weekend with the family and some staged frolicking with my wife, it was back to business on the house this week. Monday was completely shot due to elimination hockey where my beloved San Jose Sharks came out victorious and  moved on to the next round in the playoffs…WOO-HOO!!!

So it was back to work Tuesday night where I needed to get insulation on the walls if I plan to keep to the schedule. After a few hours of post-work work, insulation is all up. 80% of the strips needed to be cut because none of the studs were equally placed…errrrr! A couple more days of some final clean-up and hopefully sheetrock goes up next week.

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Kitchen & Living Room demolition

As promised,here’s how things are progressing via some photos of these past few weeks…

Then we took advantage of the wall being torn down and are in the process of installing windows…

Left side of house - before (view from driveway)

Front (side view with new windows...installation still in-progress)

Front - new windows (with my sexy Dana, not available at Lowes)

Inaugural opening...of our first new window

ok, back to work…

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Best deal around…

Its a fact, The Spanish Charmer is the nations only hands-on home improvement workshop that provides beer and all of the lemons you can fit in your pants. Workshops run all weekend, so hurry and sign up. Spaces are filling up fast – BTW, this is sort of my April Fools…but Im dead serious about the free beer and lemons.


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Safety First.

Today’s blog was written by Dana. Well, not directly…  Over the weekend, while on another of our marathon nights of renovations, it happened. A 5-pound mallet was left on a 6-foot ladder, and that’s just bad math. Painful story made short, Dana moved the ladder and like that, Dana grew a full half inch (thanks to a swollen skull). I didn’t witness it, but according to Dana’s re-telling, I was able to provide a re-creation for you. It goes something like this:

this is how things went down...literally

Tuesday’s diagnosis (thanks to our friendly Kaiser physician) was a concussed Dana. However this story has a happy ending. Dana is fine, and I got a safety blog out of it! All kidding aside, stay safe out there. Stay alert & stay protected. The house is already gonna give you plenty of problems without you adding to it. Here’s how I do it!!!

Stayin Alert with coffee. Stayin protected with hardhat and eyewear. Black socks & sexy smirk optional.

Stayin safe,



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Save The Pink Bathroom

While searching for renovation blogs, I stumbled upon an interesting website that we share one thing in common… PINK! Well, more like peach. The website, Save The Pink Bathrooms http://savethepinkbathrooms.com/ is dedicated to saving 1960s pink/colored bathrooms. I can really appreciate what they are doing, but the only thing saving our current pink-peach bathroom is lack of money to update it.

Notice the industrial-sized butt-gasket holder...WOW!!!


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