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Best deal around…

Its a fact, The Spanish Charmer is the nations only hands-on home improvement workshop that provides beer and all of the lemons you can fit in your pants. Workshops run all weekend, so hurry and sign up. Spaces are filling up fast – BTW, this is sort of my April Fools…but Im dead serious about the free beer and lemons.


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Shopping Part 1.

Demolition is either 80% or 100% done. So now its time to go shopping! The walls separating the living room, kitchen, laundry room and breakfast nook have all been removed and now we have a nice open floor plan.

Walls knocked down...

Our plans for this weekend include three new low E, Argon windows across the south part of the house, and a nice 8 foot wide French door in lieu of a small window and door.

Back to it,
-Dana & Jerry


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