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—>Savings here<—

Hey everyone,
Since I forgot to upload pictures again, I felt compelled to share a little savings secret with you. Last night, I was able to save $100.00 dollars on an $800.00 purchase at Home Depot and its really simple!

Step 1 – Goto http://www.homedepotmoving.com/. On the lower left hand corner, slick the “Join Now” button. You will fill out a small form and within 10-30 minutes, you will be emailed a 10% discount coupon! You can only fill it out once every 6 months. However, if you are creative enough, you will realize it is per email. I’ve shopped at Home Depot enough to know that you can get 10% discounts all day long, you just have to know how to convince the cashier to give it to you. However this is a great way to get it if you don’t feel like asking for it. FYI – Cashiers are allowed to give upto 10% discounts without manager approval so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

If you prefer to shop at Lowes, then you can goto http://www.LowesMoving.com You just wont be able to get the additional 3% discount I explain in step two! This normally takes upto 3 days to get the email with the link to the 10% coupon from Lowes.

Step 2 – Home Depot Pro Rewards Number. During checkout, you have the option to enter your Pro Rewards phone number. If you have spent over 50k the previous year, then you can save upto 3%. Lucky for you, I have. So you can use my #. Enter 408-578-9519 as the Pro Rewards Number, then when they ask for a PO, enter “Spanish Charmer”, that way I know it was a referral from this post.

That’s it!!!! Hope this helps and saves…


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