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-Jerry & Dana

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For those that know me well, you know I have a love-hate relationship with cats. I just really never understood the value they bring to the table. For Pete’s sake, they are synonymous with the term, “finicky”. Humans have managed to train parrots to talk, elephants to bow, dolphins to molest you at water parks, but good luck asking a cat to put on a collar and walk with you down the street for some fresh air!!!

So as my luck goes, there are so many darn cats in my new neighborhood, that an entire non-profit needed to be established! They are called Thirteenth Street Cats, 13stcats.org. I did some quick math using the numbers they have supplied on their website and for the last 3 years, not counting 2011 so far, they have spayed/neutered over 1121 cats in this neighborhood. WHAT THE??? Is that even possible??? I have already had a surprise encounter with a cat in our detached garage that jumped out of a cabinet and shot past my leg in the dark, so I know they are out there…waiting….talking about me in their cat language. Plus, these felines are street-savvy, nothing like the smooth talking Morris!!!

So I just thought that I would bring this to everyone’s attention. And for those that know me well, enjoy the laugh at my expense. And for those that think I’m cat-bashing, all I have to say is my best friend is a cat. (pictured below)

Jerry *purrr*

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