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Shopping Part 1.

Demolition is either 80% or 100% done. So now its time to go shopping! The walls separating the living room, kitchen, laundry room and breakfast nook have all been removed and now we have a nice open floor plan.

Walls knocked down...

Our plans for this weekend include three new low E, Argon windows across the south part of the house, and a nice 8 foot wide French door in lieu of a small window and door.

Back to it,
-Dana & Jerry


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Safety First.

Today’s blog was written by Dana. Well, not directly…  Over the weekend, while on another of our marathon nights of renovations, it happened. A 5-pound mallet was left on a 6-foot ladder, and that’s just bad math. Painful story made short, Dana moved the ladder and like that, Dana grew a full half inch (thanks to a swollen skull). I didn’t witness it, but according to Dana’s re-telling, I was able to provide a re-creation for you. It goes something like this:

this is how things went down...literally

Tuesday’s diagnosis (thanks to our friendly Kaiser physician) was a concussed Dana. However this story has a happy ending. Dana is fine, and I got a safety blog out of it! All kidding aside, stay safe out there. Stay alert & stay protected. The house is already gonna give you plenty of problems without you adding to it. Here’s how I do it!!!

Stayin Alert with coffee. Stayin protected with hardhat and eyewear. Black socks & sexy smirk optional.

Stayin safe,



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Save The Pink Bathroom

While searching for renovation blogs, I stumbled upon an interesting website that we share one thing in common… PINK! Well, more like peach. The website, Save The Pink Bathrooms http://savethepinkbathrooms.com/ is dedicated to saving 1960s pink/colored bathrooms. I can really appreciate what they are doing, but the only thing saving our current pink-peach bathroom is lack of money to update it.

Notice the industrial-sized butt-gasket holder...WOW!!!


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There once was a cute green kitchen… bright times ahead.

The dark times are starting to turn. Its official, the last green wall is now gone. Yesterday marked our first week of home ownership and we are on pace to, well…not sure what we are on pace to do, but we are really blowing it out of the water. Eight hour work days followed by a solid 3-4 hour work on the house every day can really get things done in a hurry.

Here’s a look of the before & after of the final green wall…

Today’s plaster removal ended with the slow, deliberate removal of a plaster-covered brick stack. The entire wall will be eventually removed and be an open archway. We’ll clean up the stack and leave it exposed for a splash of color.

Back to work, then more renovation.


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Thanks to everyone that came out this weekend (except the weather)!!!

Just a brief look at all of the demolition with the help of our friends and family. To Robert, John, Roy, Donna, Lexi, Alejandro, Clara, Hazel, Cesar, Crystal, Vanessa and last, but not least the rain and cold weather….ok, not rain and cold weather. THANK YOU ALL (except for the weather)!!! You guys are the greatest (except for the weather)!

Our deepest thanks (except to the weather),
-Dana & Jerry

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Project Tab added

We have added a project tab to the menus…Click PROJECTS above, or follow this link


-Jerry & Dana

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Our Plans for Saturday

To our friends and family coming out this Saturday, here’s what we have planned. All skill levels welcome!

Easy skill projects

  • Dig up plants and plant them in temporary containers to re-plant at a later time. There are tons of really great plants we want to keep, there are just too many in some condensed areas. After we paint and reconfigure the plant beds, we want to plant these back.
  • Centralize bricks and stones – The previous homeowner, who lived here for 70+ years had accumulated bricks everywhere. I would like to get them to the backyard and use them for a brick paver area in the back.
  • Strip & Paint windows- All of the wooden windows have peeling paint. I want to strip them back down to wood and fill in cracks, then prime them for paint later.
  • Cut down several small trees
  • Remove old wires and antennas on house

Medium Skill Projects

  • Remove kitchen cabinets – I want to salvage the vintage kitchen cabinets and restore them later so that someone can enjoy them later down the road. This requires some skill because I do not want to destroy them when removing them from the wall.
  • Remove base boards and picture rails from wall
  • Remove existing light fixtures – I have 3 vintage light fixtures that I want to salvage.
  • Remove partition in garage

Highly skilled Projects

  • Remove entire wall between kitchen and living room – A new wall with a large arched transition will be constructed after.
  • Remove entire wall between kitchen and breakfast nook and laundry area – This will add an additional 5 feet of  kitchen space across the  entire kitchen
  • Demo kitchen wall where sink is – A new sink, copper supply lines and pvc drain will  be installed in lieu of outdated materials

This should keep us plenty busy for the next few weekends…

Love, Peace & Elbow Grease,
-Dana & Jerry

Street View


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