About Us

In 2010 we got married in front of a judge and a witness of one. So far in 2011, things picked up for us. In June 2011 we will be wed in a large ceremony in front of our friends and family. To further complicate things, we decided to purchase a house and renovate it before the wedding in 3 months time. This is our story of how it went (in progress)…

Meet the Zunigas

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5 responses to “About Us

  1. DesignBuildLove

    Hi there! I just saw that I got a referral from your site, so I had to come check it out. I am sooooo flattered that you’ve put me on your Blogroll. I’ve just added you to mine. Also, I wanted to let you know that my blog is no longer at “.wordpress”… my new URL is http://www.DesignBuildLove.co (no “M”).

    PS- you and your hubby are absolutely adorable and I LOVE your spanish-style home. My mom always had a fantasy of owning a spanish-style home, but never did. I can’t wait to see what you guys do with it! Also, as for everything you have on your plate right now- home remodeling and wedding planning… I can totally understand and I do not think you’re alone in the blogosphere! A lot of us have habits of taking on tons of things at once. I’m sure everything is going to turn out amazingly! Can’t wait to see the progress of the house (and the wedding)! 😀

    • I just updated your link! Thank you!!! We just got the house last Wednesday night so its not really hit us… Truth be told, I (the husband) do most of the blog updates, but now that you think its my wife, I told her she needs to get on the ball!!! Haha, she’s too busy at kickboxing trying to get in marathon shape for the wedding…haha, her words, not mine. Thanks (from the both of us) for the kind words and my wife says that she loves your ceremony pics! Both of us will be following your blog religiously and good luck with your home projects!!!!

      jerry & dana

  2. DesignBuildLove

    Oh my gosh… MY MISTAKE! LOL… BUT, I love that a guy is joining in. They aren’t enough of you out there. My husband is semi-involved currently, but is still a bit timid/unsure about writing posts himself.

    Tell your wife that (based upon her pic) she’s totally gorgeous and to keep “kickn’ but!”

  3. realizing that I haven’t heard a peep from you guys lately! Hope the wedding was all you guys dreamed of and you are on your way to a happy honeymoon!!!

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