A good night’s rest.

After a long break from posting, I finally have some news that will help me with the restless nights of sleep. With the impending rains and a roof that serves more as a over-sized colander, it was time to take action. Armed only with some YouTube “do-it-yourself roofing” videos, the belief in myself, and a well rested back I began to tear off my roof. Ten minutes later I realized I was in way over my head while I gazed at the small hole in my roof.

Many many hours, a very very sore back, two layers of wood shake, and four trips to the dump later I was a third done.

I started this roofing project when I was the tender age of 37…at age 38 and 30 minutes before the first rain of the season I was finished. Soon, my back will feel better. Soon, the trip and a half left of debris sitting on the side of the house to dump will be gone. For now, I will enjoy a good night’s sleep knowing there’s a roof for our little Spanish Charmer.



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6 responses to “A good night’s rest.

  1. roof looks great!!! Get some serious rest now!

  2. Wow Jerry. That’s some hard work! I wish I would have seen this post earlier. Many new houses and roof remodels incorporate a ridge vent to allow excess heat in the attic to escape during hot days in summer. http://roofing.owenscorning.com/homeowner/accessories/ventilation/ventsureridgevents.aspx

  3. Never heard of a ridge vent, but I can definitely see the benefit of having one…and I really like how inconspicuous it is. I will look into these for my next roofing project. Thanks for the link!!!

    • Just the same as people trick out their ride, it’s tempting to do the same for a home. The trick is cramming the good stuff into the budget (like safety elements and improved energy performance). You’re awesome determination and can do spirit is carrying you along well and I’m impressed. Well… If you ever want to bounce around ideas or need help researching products/materials/equipment I’d be glad to help! Happy Holidays!

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