Time to make a difference…

I’m very fortunate that I never have to look far for inspiration. I get paid to help people. I work for Rebuilding Together, a non-profit that provides home repairs at no cost to homeowners in need. Most of our clients are elderly and disabled, and the work we do helps them remain independent in their homes for longer.

Today’s post is special because I have the opportunity to help someone who is still very young with three children under the age of 10. Our affiliate has been selected as a top 25 candidate to receive additional funds through a Facebook voting campaign, in conjunction with Sears Heroes At Home Program. Please take the time to read this story and vote. Having met Patricia and speaking with her, I know that voting everyday will make a difference for this soldier and mother in need. Every vote increases the money she gets to help fix her home! Please help me by voting, re-posting this and asking your friends to vote & repost as well. Thank you!!!



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3 responses to “Time to make a difference…

  1. Love your blog! I’m looking into fixing up my own place soon and it’s nice to read someone else’s journey!

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