Pictures are in…So is the sheetrock! (well, actually 80%)

Since I last posted pictures of the house, we’ve been able to make some progress. Since then we’ve:

  • Plumbed for conversion of wood burning to natural gas fireplace
  • Installed HDMI connections above fireplace for, if my super beautiful and incredibly smart wife approves, massive flatscreen TV!
  • Installed 8-foot wide french doors
  • Hung sheetrock

Enough with the words, here’s some pictures!!!

Goodbye window and door!!!

Getting ready for a new TV. HDMI cables run to both sides of fireplace

Hello Fench Door!!!!!

Sheetrock is up!

My buddy Joe came out to help. (Not pictured, the burrito I ate that day the got me sick and lost me 10lbs)

1/4-inch sheetrock in the master bedroom ceiling to hide the large cracks in the plaster

Dana stopped by to eat one of my delicious walnut ice cream bars. Thanks babe!

This is how it looks today!

Oops, forgot to cutout the box for HDMIs. No problem, the are all adjustable boxes and I left the location of the box written somewhere around here...

Our future kitchen will be here

Como tale vu French Doors

Lets Recap….not too long ago the house looked like this:

And now it looks like this:



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2 responses to “Pictures are in…So is the sheetrock! (well, actually 80%)

  1. WOW!!!!!!!! Looks fantastic! (stupid burrito)

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