Lazy Days of Summer?

I must admit, I’ve been lazy. After the wedding, I really haven’t had the same drive I once had. When I look at the house, I only see the hundreds of things that need to be done before I do the hundreds of things on my list. The real problem is I know better. I know that I should just focus on one thing at a time, instead of getting overwhelmed. I know that my lack of energy is because I need to be more active. I know my wife is gonna kick my lazy butt if I don’t make some progress.

Now that I know…Now that I shared… Now that it’s out there…I must do something about it. This mornings bike ride to work was my jump-start. I don’t know how much I’m gonna get done tonight, but I know that I will DO!




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5 responses to “Lazy Days of Summer?

  1. I love the picture but it’s not at all a true representation of what you’ve been doing in lieu of working on the house! I’m gonna put on my working boots and head over there now…let’s see what I can accomplish! xoxo! Btw, post some pictures of what the house looks like now and did you forget that you installed the french doors! C’mon, give yourself some credit!

  2. Sonya

    We’ve been working on our bungalow since 2008 and you’re much further ahead than we are so you’re doing GREAT! Trust me, I totally can relate to the feeling of “wow…so many projects to tackle…where to begin…”

    I’ve found it REALLY helpful to be in something like a “Full-Moon” work crew where once a month we converge on a home (we take turns) and work on any project the homeowner wants. After 4 hours of sweat, bruising, and the occasional loss of blood, we enjoy a relaxing meal together and reflect on our achievements, and sometimes “what not to do…”. Having something like this has kept projects moving forward, because ready or not, the “Full Moon Crew” is coming!

    Maybe you can set this up with some buddies? Neighbors that share the same passion???

    Good luck with it!

    • Thank you for the encouraging words! And what an awesome concept! I have so many projects that I’m dreading because I don’t want to tackle it alone. I definitely am gonna try to start one of the up! Thank you and good luck with your home too!!!

  3. don’t worry about it! You’re just coming down from the wedding! You guys had A LOT going on!!!

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